LIM | Less is More


16 writers/directors from all over the world, with a project at an early stage of development

Date and venue
3 workshops between March and October 2022, places t.b.a.
Registration/Application deadline

EUR 900

The amount covers the workshop fee, hotel accommodation and subsistence during the residential workshop(s).


LIM I Less is more is a training programme dedicated to script development for 1st to 3rd feature film projects. The training aims at boosting the script development phase and at strengthening the filmmakers’ ability to accelerate and deepen the writing process, starting from an early stage. LIM uses creative limitations as a tool. Its spirit and ambition far exceed the facile business of restricting budgets. Self-imposed limitations help dig deep into character and emotion.

LIM’s objectives are to find new ways of storytelling, to create a common language, and tools for writers and development professionals to cooperate transnationally. The LIM training programme includes three one-week workshops between March and October 2022 as well as a tailormade showcase event to benefit from the inputs of industry professionals coming from all over Europe.

Due to FOCAL’s cooperation, one seat is reserved for a Swiss filmmaker.

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