Bits and bytes - ANIMAPROD Module 4

10 to 15 producers, animators and production managers (real image films and animation)
Date and venue
Saturday 7 September 2019, in Baden, on the fringes of FANTOCHE
Registration/Application deadline
CHF 150 per module, including lunch
English only

This is a workshop on CGI workflows, budgeting, production and control methods, team organisation and artistic control. In the company of experts from very different backgrounds we will explore from within the process of developing and producing CGI films. Based on case studies, the speakers will share their experience and answer your questions on a constantly evolving state-of-the-art technique.


Franck Samuel
Producer, La Station Animation (Arles, Paris): SAHARA (2017), DRÔLEs DE PETITES BÊTES (2017)

Jérémy Clapin
Director (F), Skhizein (2008), Palmipedarium (2012), I lost my body (2019)

Sunit Parekh
Director, Producer, Hydralab (Copenhagen), border (2018), machine (2015)


Fred Guillaume, animation filmmaker, FOCAL Animation Departement Head

Online tools

  • comparative list of animation tools (Maya, Blender, 3d sMax, …)
  • comparative list of rendering tools (RenderMan, …)
  • comparative list of compositing tools (Fusion, Nuke, After Effects, …)
  • examples of Pipelines

  • Modul 1   - Was Sie schon immer über den Animationsfilm wissen wollten (und nicht gewagt haben zu fragen)
    Module 1 - Tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur l'animation (sans oser le demander)
  • Module 2 - Money, money, money
  • Module 3 - It's a flat world!
  • Module 5 - Puppet Masters

In cooperation with

  • Fantoche