This discussion and exchange forum – exclusively dedicated to European and non European (since 2015) public film funders at supranational, national and regional levels – started in 2012 on the initiative of the MEDIA programme. It comprises one yearly Workshops (except in 2012, with two Workshops). Each of them deals with different issues related to the role of the funds and to the financing of projects at different phases from the perspective of a public funder.

Based on peer-to-peer exchanges, MEDICI* proposes

*the Florentine family of art funders and bankers in the early and High Renaissance (XVth to XVIIIth century)


The Seventh Workshop – The Role of Public Film Funds in the Future – took place in September 2017


The Sixth Workshop – The Development of Content: Challenges and Opportunities – Public Funds as Pawns or Players? – took place in September 2016


The Fifth Workshop – International Coproductions, Development, Gender and quotas – took place in September 2015


The Fourth Workshop – Promotion, Distribution and Success Evaluation – took place in September 2014


The Third Workshop – Impact of Digital in Film Business and Production / Decision Making Processes – took place in September 2013.


The First Workshop – Strategies & Initiatives for the Film Funders – took place in April 2012.

The Second Workshop — Financing Strategies — took place in November 2012.

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