Production Value 2023

The European Scheduling & Budgeting Workshop

From 7 to 15 January 2023 - Riga, Latvia

PV22 Riga workshop banner picture

The 16th edition of PRODUCTION VALUE will take place in Riga, Latvia, from Saturday 7 to Sunday 15 January 2023.

This new edition will include a focus on Virtual Production, with the collaboration of LED UNIT studio in Riga.

Junior assistant directors
and line producers

Producers with a feature film
project to schedule & budget

developing a limited series

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For its 15th edition, PRODUCTION VALUE took place in Lausanne, Switzerland, from 8 to 16 January 2022.

Production Value is the only master class workshop for assistant directors and line producers from all over Europe. Its process is unique and offers also an opportunity to producers and directors to have their film project scheduled and budgeted.
Over its 15 editions, Production Value has trained 177 juniors (89 female and 88 male) and scheduled and budgeted 89 projects (79 feature films and 10 limited series).

For the 2022 edition, 14 young professionals from 13 countries (out of the 66 applications from 22 countries) were selected (9 women and 4 male):

Junior assistant directors:
Claudia Aragon Tirbiò, Spain
Ivonne Verbeek, Netherlands
Katrina Tomasicka, Latvia
Laura Ugolini, Norway
Hanna Hedengren, Finland
Sandra Delatron, Germany
Argyris Zachos, Greece

Junior line producers:
Kiira Tiainen, Finland
Ida Fäldt, Sweden
Johanna Trass, Estonia
Julian Berner, Austria
Jules Powell, UK
Remo Pini, Switzerland
Raffaello Vignoli, Italy

The following Tutors led the scheduling and budgeting process of 7 film projects and limited series in development and financing:

Stuart Renfrew, senior assistant director, UK
Alberto Mangiante, senior assistant director, Italy
Kaare Storemyr, senior line producer, Norway
Mathias Schwerbrock, senior line producer, Germany
Malte Forssell, senior line producer, Sweden
Frank Schlegel, VFX consultant, Germany
Neeltje van der Heijden, post-production consultant, Netherlands
Dörte Schneider, Greenfilmmaking consultant, Portugal

Out of 13 submissions, 7 European production companies brought their film or limited series project to the 2022 edition of the workshop. Due to COVID restrictions, only their producers joined the workshop in the last days, with the directors being available online :

(Belle Epoque Films, Germany – producer Nicole Ringhut & director Katja Benrath)

HUNTING JACK – Feature Film
(Unlimited Stories, Sweden - producer Linus Støhr Torell & director Wictor Ericsson)

(Lupa Pictures, Hungary – producer Petra Ivànyi & director Attila Hartung)

RUIDES – Feature Film
(Dorcon Films, Germany – writer-producer Julia Dordel & director Guido Tölke)

CODEWORD: RUBICON – Limited Series
(C-Films, Switzerland - producer Peter Reichenbach)

THE RED FLOWERS – Limited Series
(Be Kind Productions, UK – producer Premila Puri)

HCA – DEATH OF A MERMAID – Limited Series
(Mastiff, Denmark – producer Mille Bjørke)

Production Value is a training initiative organized by FOCAL Switzerland (Lausanne) in coproduction with the Norwegian Film Institute (Oslo), the Swedish Film Institute (Stockholm), the Finnish Film Foundation (Helsinki), with the support of the Compensating Measures of the Federal Office of Culture FOC.

Swiss filmmaker Denis Rabaglia was head of studies for the 13th time.
Hannah Lichtenstein was general coordinator for the 8th time.