Producer with a feature film project

Production Value is a workshop that assists European producers and directors to address all issues involved in the budgeting & scheduling of their future projects.

If you have a feature film with a medium-range or high budget, a complex shooting and a sophisticated post-production, or just a film with many options still open and questions not yet answered, then Production Value is the place where you can deal with all these aspects in a quiet, honest and highly-professional environment.

The workshop offers expertise at the highest level, defining — and often solving — the main issues related to the making of your project, during the financing period or before you are about to greenlight the project.


Production Value is intended to be a win-win situation for the participating line producers/assistant directors (juniors) and the producers and directors: the juniors get real projects to work on, while producers and directors get detailed budgets and schedules more or less for free.

At the end of the workshop, schedules and budgets (and comments by the seniors and juniors) are delivered to the producers in MM Scheduling 6 and MM Budgeting 7 and 10 documents, as well as PDF files.

We welcome film projects from all over Europe, that meet the following criteria:

Please note that the workshop focuses on the so-called “below-the-line” costs, excluding costs related to main cast, director, writer(s), producers’ fees, overheads, etc. — all of which remain exclusively the prerogative of the producer.

The main benefits of your participation in Production Value are:

We guarantee the confidentiality of the projects brought to the workshop.

Apply with all relevant material and questionnaire (see above) to the Head of Studies before 15 November 2023.