Producers/showrunners/directors developing a limited series

Limited series are a new format that challenge all traditional production principles: projects are greenlit before all the scripts are written, talents are hired before all the storylines are written, budgets are locked before all parameters are known, the directors’ and writers’ traditional positions are challenged by the showrunners’ position, delivery deadline and postproduction workflow of the project overlap to a high degree…

These challenges also have an impact on the chain of command since assistant directors and line producers suddenly play a more important part in designing the “masterplan” of the entire limited series workflow. Their expertise and decisions become so important that they are often upgraded to the role of executive producer, co-producer or associate producer.

Production Value has opened its process to limited series projects in development. We are happy to select limited series projects of a certain complexity and to design a “Masterplan” for them that includes a tentative schedule and a tentative budget based on material that is not necessarily complete. The precision of the results will depend on the material and information provided by the limited series’ creative team, but getting a “Masterplan” involving timeline and costs can be an asset for the production companies at any stage of development of a limited series.

In order to apply with a limited series project, the series’ creative team is asked to provide:

The producers/showrunners/directors must be able to attend the workshop on the last 2.5 days (Friday to Sunday).

Please send all relevant material and questionnaire (PV23 Questionnaire Series) to the Head of Studies before November 20, 2022.

Participation fee

300 € - for producers/showrunners/directors with a selected project - including food, lodging and travel.