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Working Conditions for Filming

Working Conditions in Austria

as of Dec. 2014


Austria is part of the EU. No special permits (including for the Swiss) needed.

Working Hours


(official regulations referring to the "Kollektivvertrag", the Austrian wage agreement:)

The official Austrian wage agreement (German only).


Please refer to the enclosed PDF:

In the 40h/week-table as well as in 60h/week-table, we would recommend to take the "inkl. SZ und Urlaubsersatzleistung" column. In Austria, it's common that employees get paid 14 monthly salaries, a double salary in June and one in December. This is called "SZ" (Sonderzahlungen). Furthermore, every employee is entitled to get at least 5 weeks of paid holidays per year. Since there is no opportunity to go on holidays during a tight production-schedule, film crew members get paid for non-consumed holidays. This is meant by "Urlaubsersatzleistung" (compensation for not consumed holidays).

In some cases (e.g. ACs, electrical, Art Dept.) the rates could be 5-10% higher than listed.


All of the crew members stated in the "Kollektivvertrag" have to be employed by the production company. Freelance agreements are only allowed with "contracts for specific work" (e.g. Production Designers). Since payroll accounting in Austria is kind of a science, a 24% flat-rate for fringes is an approximation but alright for budgeting purposes.


Inside Austria:

Travel allowance (for more than 3 hours work outside the office but in the same town where the company is based) is € 14,76, for work outside the city, but in Austria € 26,40.

If on shooting days an "appropriate" catering (2 meals, at least one hot) is provided, there are no allowances.

For work outside Austria.

Compensation for travelling with private car is € 0,42/km up to 15.000, above € 0,395/km.

Actors Wages

For feature films in average € 1.500 up to € 2.500 (in some cases even higher).


€ 55 + € 15 each for wardrobe or make up fittings etc.
Specials (special selected/featured/special ability/doubles): € 110
incl. fringes (if booked through an agency)

Important Addresses

Austrian Film Commission

Location Austria

Austrian Film Institute

Association of Austrian Filmproducers

Association of Creative Filmproducers (Vereinigung Kreativer Filmproduzenten)

Wirtschaftskammer Österreich: Fachverband der Audiovisions- und Filmindustrie (Trade Association of the Audiovisual and Filmindustry)

Austrian Directors Association

Dachverband der Österreichischen Filmschaffenden

Austrian Actors Association

The Films That Got Made

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