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There are 3 steps in the online registration process. Once your registration form has been completed and validated (step 3), you will receive a code in order to confirm that your registration was sent to us. To go further, click on the NEXT STEP button.



Participation is subject to written confirmation from FOCAL, which is sent out during the days following the registration deadline.
If there are more registrations than places available, FOCAL will select successful applicants.


Cancellations must be made in writing.
Cancellation fee:
a) less than two weeks prior to the beginning of the seminar: 50% of the seminar fee
b) less than 48 hours before: 100%.


Unless otherwise stated, the seminar fee does not include food or lodging.


The same screen play may not be used to participate in two script writing programs at the same time.

FOCAL is a non-profit institution. Thanks to the support of public funding, fees for its activities can be adjusted to the financial circumstances of its target groups, who are mainly freelance.


Moreover, since the seminars are ISO 29990:2010 certified, the unemployment insurance fund will subsidize them under certain conditions. In order to benefit from this subsidy, unemployed seminar participants must apply to their Regional Employment Office.

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