Structural Constellations

European Residential Master Class

25 to 30 participants with a film (fiction or documentary) or a transmedia project in development. A preference will be set for applicants in teams of 3 persons maximum (screenwriter, author-director/director/new media designer, producer, script consultant), but individuals can also apply.
Date and venue
First Module: 11 to 14 March 2015 in Warsaw, Poland
Second Module: 30 November to 3 December 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden
Application is only possible to both Modules.
Registration deadline
1 team (maximum 3 persons) or 1 individual participant: € 1'000.-
The fee includes tuition, accommodation and meals. Travel costs are not included. Up to 11 participants (in teams or individual) are eligible for a scholarship covering part of the travel costs and full subsistence expenses, provided that they have not already benefited from another scholarship for the same expenses. The scholarships are primarily for participants from countries with low income.

It is usual to say that the "golden" triangle - scriptwriter, director or transmedia designer and producer - is at the heart of any successful project development. The ambition of Constellations is to foster the interdisciplinary co-operation within the development teams and to strengthen its actors' creative skills in order to improve the quality of the scripts while fostering a market perspective to reach a larger audience.

What you get from Constellations

  • The Reframing your project with regard to the story / the scenes / the characters
  • The Consolidation of your project according to target groups and audience development
  • The Enhancement of the interaction within the development team of your project
  • The Enhancement of your creative potential, your story development skills and your positioning / monitoring in the creative process within your team
  • The Techniques and tools of the structural constellation method to apply autonomously with any collaborator in order to develop the same vision of a project and to solve problems/conflicts with any team.

Constellations offers a unique shared creative experience. Upon completion of the two Modules, the participants will have acquired precise, comprehensive and practical know-how and skills they can use for the benefit of their current and future projects. This intensive European Master Class proposes an interactive and pragmatic approach among peers, which has been elaborated by the widely recognized specialist Matthias Varga von Kibéd.

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Head of studies

Matthias Varga von Kibéd
, professor of logic and philosophy of science, and his wife, psychologist Insa Sparrer, have developed Systemic Structural Constellations since 1989. Matthias Varga von Kibéd has been a lecturer for over 20 years and has written many scientific publications. He has been applying systemic structural constellations in numerous workshops for filmmakers.

Proposed by


Norwegian Film Institut

Swedish Film Institut

Österreichisches Filminstitut

Wajda School

With the support of

Polish Film Institute


Marc Wehrlin, Jacqueline Surchat

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