Structural Constellations

What is it about? (Includes video presentations) Matthias Varga von Kibéd presents Structural Constellations Participants

Participants' Comments

Work methods and rhythm

It was absolutely new to me, but at the same time it was one of the best workshops I have ever had. As a person who had a small knowledge about the Constellations, the Master Class was extremely helpful. The way it progressed was in the ideal rhythm. There was time to think, to ask questions, to debate and apply.

Director, Poland

The work method was very useful and the rhythm was exactly right. Matthias' methods allows every group member to participate, but does not push anyone. I think it is great that every participant can choose for him/herself how much he/she wants to offer input or not. Matthias is open for any kind of input and is very generous with his time. Marc and his role as a time-keeper was a great addition to Matthias, since he always gave small impulses to stay in time and either accelerate or decelerate, if necessary.

Transmedia strategist, Germany

The working method was very productive with a yet calm and peaceful rhythm. A very efficient combination!

Director, Switzerland

Ratio theory (including exercises) to practice (constellations)

I am a big fan of theory and I found it very interesting so I could listen for it forever. The practice was well balanced with the rest.

Author-Director, Germany

Usefulness of coaching for your project

At the beginning I was quite curious and a bit sceptical about how the Constellations would be applicable to my project which is a documentary project at the very early stage of production. I had hypothetical characters and very few fixed elements in the project. I constellated at 10 people. With the help of Matthias Varga it was one of the best developments I could ever imagine of any projects of mine. Even though we decided to work without content, the way Matthias Varga worked and how he felt the subject was extremely helpful to the project.

Director, Poland

It was very helpful to use Constellations for our project. It helped us to go into our second draft with new ideas and the all-around-open-mind and interesting ways to think about conflicts and problems was a catalyst for approaching our project from a new angle.

Author-Director, Germany

The Constellation told us a lot about the story and about the opportunities of developing it in other directions. For our new treatment, we used quite a lot of the insights from the Constellation.

Scriptwriter, Austria

Usefulness of the Master Class for your professional development

I learned a lot of things that will support me in my future development. And the usefulness for my professional development has more impact than the usefulness for one project, because the Master Class is useful universally. It offers you input for your personality, profession and specific project development.

Transmedia strategist, Germany

It was very inspiring considering the new solutions for character development and story development. I am very willing to learn more about the Constellations so that I can keep applying it to my future film projects more independently.

Screenwriter / Producer, Serbia

The master class exceeded my expectations. At the beginning, I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical about what exactly it was going to be and if it was worth participating. But from the first day, all these doubts disappeared and were replaced by excitement. Matthias comes from very interesting backgrounds (philosophy, psychology, linguistics) and all this combined offers a very different and new approach that one can use in story-telling. Even more though, I think Matthias opens up your mind to life skills and tools which can be applied not only to one's work but to one's life.

Screenwriter, UK

Tremendous THANKS to FOCAL – for allowing such a different approach, inviting people from the film business to participate in such master classes. Please continue with this wonderful programme. I am sure all participants are telling friends and colleagues about it. The interest will be steadily growing. EXTREEM THANKS to Matthias for his kindness, his warmth and for his wonderful knowledge he has and so generously shared with us.

Producer, Lithuania


Drawings by Emilie Mottet

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