About the first edition

The first edition of Working Together took place near Geneva, Switzerland, from 29 November to 2 December 2018, with 12 participants (3 assistant directors, 3 line producers, 2 producers, 2 art directors, 1 director and 1 screenwriter) coming from six European countries. The event focused on three topics: cultural intelligence, conflict management and collective intelligence.

Since it was the first edition, the workshop was experimental in many ways. The main question we asked ourselves was: how permeable will participants be to leadership techniques and to the mentors; what will they be able to take away from the workshop? For their feedbacks, also take a look below.

The three mentors, one per topic, openly and generously shared their wide knowledge and very particular experiences. Their belief in the goodness of people made the participants feel safe enough to question their ways of relating to one another and to adopt new attitudes. The workshop turned out to be a personal adventure for each participant, leading to a sustainable change in their professional life.


Here’s a selection of feedbacks from some participants of the first edition.

Never could I have imagined the things we went through within the last four days. That’s the best part of a workshop: you attend it to learn something new, and suddenly everything (literally everything) is taken to another level. I definitely feel very, very privileged to have experienced all this, especially with these co-travellers who made our journey together wild, safe and extraordinary. You have made me a better person (and a better 1st AD too).
Assistant director, Finland

It was so interesting to join different people from the industry (…). I understood that producers have to become a safety base in a film team and must embrace their leader role.
Producer, UK

This was one of the best and remarkable workshops I attended during the last years. Although the topics did touch very personal aspects, I never felt bad or insecure. Therefore, I was able to imbibe all the valuable insights the speakers offered.
Art director, Switzerland

This was very eye-opening! Some sort of a new start for me. I am very happy I was fortunate enough to participate.
Film director, Switzerland

Amazing mentors! What they said definitely changes my perception of the world. I feel more open to others, more capable of understanding each personality and of integrating in a positive way what each team member brings to a project. I also learned a lot about myself which helps me become a better professional and probably a better person as well. I started to use my new tools yesterday. George Kohlrieser said that we had to ‘put the fish on the table’, I can tell you I need a bigger table for all that fish…
Line producer, France

I learnt that taking risks might be scary but it can turn into something good. Understanding who we are is important to be a good leader. It is really amazing to discover how much theory that I picked up from the exercises can be easily implement in my professional (and personal) life. The workshop actually exceeded my expectations. It was better than I could have ever imagined!
Line producer, Netherlands