On the occasion of FOCAL's 20th anniversary (1990 — 2010), we have commissioned a visual document comprising a number of pictures collected over time and during the various seminars and workshops held by our Foundation. It also features interviews with several professionals (a producer, a director, a camerawoman, an actor, a make-up artist and an animated filmmaker) discussing continuing education issues.

The resulting fifteen-minute film is divided thematically into four chapters:

This film provides a modest overview of our activities and considers the role of training within the framework of audiovisual production.

We hope you enjoy it!

Many thanks to: Séverine Barde, Séverine Cornamusaz, Johannita Mutter, Christian Davi, Frédéric et Samuel Guillaume, Marcel Hoehn, Gilles Tschudi

Director and editor: Sandrine Normand

Interviews: Pierre Agthe

Camera: Séverine Barde

Music: Nicolas Monguzzi; Room 02

English subtitles: Bruce Ritz

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