TV-paint Masterclass

A multifaceted animation tool

10 to 15 animators, graphic designers, directors
Date and venue
15 September 2017, in Lucerne
Registration deadline
CHF 150, including lunch
English, without translation

Ugo Bienvenu and Kevin Manach have made a specialty of traditional animation. In continuing, upon paper, to animate their personal projects, they've had to adapt their production mode to the more modern problematics imposed by so-called ‹commercial› productions. These invite more frequent control points and feedbacks, as well as questions of budget cuts and the optimization of production time. Nor have the two ever lost track of their graphic design's visual hallmark: a high-quality linear style rarely seen in animation, since it is deliberately non-industrialized. The day will be devoted to the case studies and a few practical works that meeting these two outstanding creators promises to inspire.

Although representing a plus, being familiar with the TV-Paint software is not a pre-requisite for joining the Masterclass, since we will be dealing primarily with artistic issues.


Ugo Bienvenu & Kevin Manach
Directors, cartoonists, illustrators and

In cooperation with

Hochschule Luzern

with the support of


Fred Guillaume, director

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