Mime, references - Using reality to inspire animation

10 to 15 film directors, animated filmmakers
Date and venue
4 and 5 September 2017, in Baden
Registration deadline
CHF 300, including lunch
English, without translation

The link between mime, body play and animated film is obvious. From a mirror next to their table to reference videos in preparation for their shots, animated filmmakers have always looked to their own body for inspiration and to perfect the expressivity of their depictions.

This workshop offers participants a chance to discover the secrets of body work by joining a mime along the fabulous road leading from miming itself, on to video recording and the analysis thereof. They will have two days to leave acting clichés behind, and to enjoy a fresh and different approach to topics such as rhythm, dynamics, emotions and movement.


Robert Bennett
A dancer/mime and actor, Robert Bennett has worked with, among others: Walt Disney Studio, France; Ecole des Gobelins and Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Paris; The Animation Workshop, Viborg (Denmark); EMCA, Angoulême.

In cooperation with


Sam Guillaume, director
Elie Chapuis, animator, key animator and director

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