The Handling Ideas Approach - a Mapping Session with Paul Tyler

12 scriptwriters, directors and actors
Date and venue
Friday 3 and Saturday 4 November 2017 in Locarno
Registration deadline
CHF 300
English with translation into Italian

Using objects to prototype your story, Paul Tyler will reveal the motives, assumptions and conflicts that can make or break your project and thus help you make your creative decisions. By seeing, choosing, touching and moving objects, your responses will become more physical and your ideas, concepts and projects more tangible. This unique workshop with Paul Tyler will help writers, directors and actors to discover new ways of developing stories.

The Workshop will begin with an introduction to the Handling Ideas approach followed by a Mapping Session on a specific project. This will be followed by a Q&A with Paul regarding his methodology. The remainder of the Workshop will consist of individuals or teams working with Paul on their projects. Participants work one at a time with their projects and the others are observers.


Paul Tyler

2006, Paul moved from London to Copenhagen. Building on twelve years of BBC television & digital production experience, he started working with international companies to develop concepts. He realised that project teams working in corporate, public and cultural sectors were wasting huge amounts of time, energy and money. Paul set out to change that and developed this interview and mapping technique. He founded his Handling Ideas method out of a 25-year career spanning television, digital media and theatre. Nominated for a BAFTA and BBC Creativity Award, he has worked with 80 clients, 500 projects in 20 countries, including the Danish & Swedish Film Institutes, EAVE, Venice Biennale College, Nordisk Film and TV Fond, and The Royal Academy of Arts in UK

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Jacqueline Surchat, Cristiana Giaccardi

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