Phil Parker's Masterclass: Working with Genre

The way genre impacts on film, from the quirky short to the high-budget feature

30 scriptwriters, directors and producers
Date and venue
Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October 2017 in Zurich
Registration deadline
CHF 300

This two-day course will answer the questions ‹What is genre?› and ‹Why is it important to everyone making films, TV and Games?›

All screen works connect to audiences using genre, but how useful are genre descriptions such as Sci-Fi, Romance, Children's or Fantasy to the creators of original screenworks?

What do audiences expect from each genre? Can you use genre to take audiences into worlds they would not normally encounter or explore? How do the notions of comedy, drama and tragedy work within genre? These two days will provide you with answers to all these questions and will give you the tools to use genre to your own creative advantage.


Phil Parker
is one of Europe's leading content development consultants - productions include WALLACE AND GROMIT, THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT, TERRY PRACHETT'S HOGFATHER and multi awarding shorts including THE PEARCE SISTERS. He founded the UK's most successful screenwriting course whose graduates have gone on to win several BAFTAs and a Palme d'Or, and to be Oscar nominated. Phil is also the author of THE ART AND SCIENCE OF SCREENWRITING (Intellect Ltd.), and INTRODUCTION TO SCREENWRITING (UK Film Council). He is currently working on projects from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and the UK.

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