Seventh Workshop:
Wednesday 27 (evening) to Friday 29 September 2017 in Norway

The Role of Public Film Funds in the Future

The audiovisual environment has definitively changed and continues to do so. The arrival of new content providers has a huge impact not only on the audiences' behavior but also on the entire value chain. Even without a reliable business model, the creators, producers, distributors and sales agents have to take these new environment into account when developing, producing and distributing projects... this goes for the funds as well and the way they offer financial support.

Thursday 28 September 2017
9.00 — 10.30 MODULE 1 — What are the essential and relevant values of public funds?
To talk about the role of the funds in the future, it is essential to identify the core values that support their actions and should continue to do so. The constant demands of the sector to adapt to its needs, the pressure of "political" environment and its financial contributors to achieve different objectives and the arrival of new players, may divert funds from their original function. Is it not them who, with their global vision and constant relationship with the industry, are likely to be the driving force of the audiovisual sector?
10.45 — 12.15 MODULE 2 — How to design funding programs today?
The revision of support programmes is a recurring and necessary exercise for funds, firstly, because the environment is changing and evolving, and secondly, because financial and administrative constraints may be imposed them on funds. Which method to use to review the programmes, and what are the values to be considered? Are there ways to simplify their functionning in order to make their management and administration easier and put them on the same level shared by professionals?
12.30 Lunch
13.45 — 15.30 MODULE 3 — How to take risk and experiment?
New forms of content and distribution platforms have emerged offering a multitude of different contents that are very different from the traditional forms. How to meet this demand? Isn’t it the role of the funds to "push" the writers and producers to take more risks? For whom? Why? How to support them? When?
15.45 — 17.30 MODULE 4 — Diversity, essential to reach audiences? Are there tools to better evaluate the diversity of audiences ?
Today it is the viewer who decides what he wants, where and when. His choice will depend on personal taste, culture, age, his desires, what we recommended ... This requires that the works which are created, produced and funded represent a diversified offer meeting his demands. How to define this diversity (cultural, gender projects, forms of content, duration of the works, etc.)? Are there ways to better understand the potential audience? To access data to measure the success of new platforms thus acting with better knowledge?
17.30 — 18.15 Presentation of the study “Current state of investment of national and regional public funds in Europe for professional training - The role of funds in professionalizing actors in the audiovisual industry“
The aim of this study is to analyze the current state of investment of national and regional public funds in Europe for professional training. In the current context where technological change has an impact on the entire production and broadcasting chain of audiovisual projects, it reflects the role of funds in professionalizing actors in the audiovisual industry. The support of public funds is the key to financing European audiovisual projects. The question is whether their role goes beyond that of being solely a financial partner and also consists in offering tools to accompany and professionalize the sector enabling it to remain competitive in a market increasingly open to the world.
Friday 29 September 2017
9.00 — 10.30 MODULE 5 — How to integrate new technologies and players in the value chain
Finding an audience became inseparable from the creative process. How is it that other sectors of the entertainment available on various broadcast media perform as well? Are there any strategies that the audiovisual sector, and in particular cinema, can adopt?
10.45 — 12.15 MODULE 6 — Comparison of distribution and promotion schemes
Case studies: MEDICI participants
How to support the distribution and promotion of works? How to take into account new forms of distribution? This module will be dedicated to sharing various support programs for distribution and promotion already in place or those they wish to implement.
12.30 — 13.30 Lunch
14.00 — 15.30 MODULE 7 — EFAD’s working group “The Future of Film Funds”
One of EFADs working group has been set up in order to reflect on the future of public funds. A document (vision paper) is being drafted which will express the vision of public funds for the coming years. This working group is interested in sharing their thoughts on the subject that could power their next working meeting. This "vision paper" should be formally accepted by members of EFADs in Tallinn late November 2017.
15.45 — 16.30 Debriefing
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