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Fourth Workshop Report — 16 – 18 September 2014 — Štiřín (Czech Republic)

Module 5 – Finding and Addressing Audiences


Films are made to be seen and to find their target audience. Today, this represents a real challenge, given the market’s fragmentation and the changes in consumer behavior. Indeed, nowadays the choice of both a film’s content and its support is up to the consumer.

Or, in other words:


Outcome of group discussions

1. How to gain better knowledge of the audience and the market

Access data on cinema audiences

Two examples:


Access data on non-cinema audience

Non-cinema audience data does not exist for the following reasons:

2. The role of a film fund: a player, a pawn or a catalyst?

3. The relation of the funds with the market: marriage or war?

4. Actions that could be taken by the funds

Find New Customers Tickets for Schoolchildren

Promotion, Distribution and Success Evaluation

Illustrations by Mišo Duha

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