The European Scheduling & Budgeting Workshop

For its 14th edition, PRODUCTION VALUE took place in BUDAPEST, Hungary, from 11 to 19 January 2020.

PV20 Budapest

Photo: by Alistair Young | Some rights reserved



Production Value is the only master class workshop for assistant directors and line producers from all over Europe. Its process is unique and offers also an opportunity to producers and directors to have their film and limited series projects scheduled and budgeted.



For the 2020 edition, 12 young professionals from 11 countries (out of the 64 applications from 24 countries) were selected (8 women and 4 men):

Junior Assistant Directors:
Karin Martinson, Estonia
Lea Noordhoek, Netherlands
Dagne Puodziunaite, Lithuania
Pauliina Talikka, Finland
Ruslan Fradkin, Latvia
Antti Pöllänen, Finland

Junior Line Producers:
Bente Maalen, Norway
Stefanie Nowak, Germany
Emma Parsons, UK
Molly Sjöwall, Sweden
Daniel Gudmon, Hungary
Jordi Abarca, Spain



The following Tutors led the scheduling and budgeting process of 6 film and limited series projects in development and financing:

Daniela Forn Mayor, Senior Assistant Director, Spain
Stuart Renfrew, Senior Assistant Director, UK
Kaare Storemyr, Senior Line Producer, Norway
Mathias Schwerbrock, Senior Line Producer, Germany
Jose Luis Escolar, Senior Line Producer, Spain
Frank Schlegel, VFX Consultant, Germany
Niko Remus, Post-production Consultant, Germany



Out of 21 submissions, 6 European production companies brought their film or limited series project to the 2020 edition of the workshop. 10 Producers and 2 Directors joined the workshop for the last 2 days to discuss the results:

DROP KICKFeature Film (Gateway Pictures, Germany – Producer Skady Lis & Line Producer Kristian Stern)
ECHOESFeature Film (Niko Film, Germany – Producer Nicole Gerhards & Writer-Director Kai Gero Lenke)
PUNISHMENTFeature Film (Indomable Pictures, Spain – Producer David Canelo & Writer-Director Carlos Martin Ferrara)
ALPHALimited Series (C-Films, Switzerland / Point Prod, Switzerland / ShinaWil, Ireland – Producer Peter Reichenbach & Co-producer Mary Callery)
GENEVALimited Series (Box Productions, Switzerland / Zodiak Pictures, Switzerland – Producer Thierry Spycher & Line Producer Christelle Michel)
SEDOMLimited Series (Sedom Productions, Spain – Producer Fernando Garcia & Co-producer Angel Gutierrez & Writer David Tejeros)



Production Value is a training initiative organized by FOCAL Switzerland (Lausanne) in coproduction with the Norwegian Film Institute (Oslo) the Swedish Film Institute (Stockholm), the Finnish Film Foundation (Helsinki) and for the 2020 edition by Hungarian National Film Fund in association with Proton Cinema with the support of the Compensating Measures of the Federal Office of Culture FOC.
Swiss filmmaker Denis Rabaglia was back as Head of Studies for the 12th time (after handing the 2017 and 2018 editions to Norwegian line producer Kaare Storemyr). Hannah Lichtenstein was General Coordinator for the 7th time.

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