Applying to Production Value 2022

Date & Venue

Saturday 8 to Sunday 16 january 2022 | Retz, Austria.
(The participating line producers/productions managers and assistant directors are expected to prep their assigned project from 12 December 2021)

Participation Fee

800 € - For line producers / production managers | including food and lodging*
500 € - For assistant directors | including food and lodging*
300 € - For producers/directors/showrunners with a selected project (feature film or limited series) | including food and lodging.
Travelling costs are not included.

*Up to 5 participants from countries with an emerging economy are eligible for a half or full scholarship covering expenses for travel and subsistence, provided that the participants have not already benefited from another scholarship for the same expenses.

Application deadline for line producers/production managers and assistant directors: 15 November 2021

Application deadline for producers and directors/showrunners with a feature film or limited series project to schedule and budget:
25 November 2021

Please apply under→


In order to facilitate a smooth training workflow and to protect the health of participants, all participants must present a valid COVID-19 certificate when attending the workshop. Additional local restrictions may apply.