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What about COVID-19?



FOCAL and its partners are taking the health issues related to COVID-19 within Production Value very seriously. We want to carry out the PV21 edition of the workshop in a safe environment for all.

What we decided to do about it:

  1. We have chosen a location that we know very well: the ALTHOF HOTEL in Retz/Austria. We know for sure that they comply with all the necessary measures: big working rooms and vast restaurant that allow social distancing – handles and tables being sanitized twice a day – conscientious and attentive staff.
  2. Retz and Vienna lie at the center of Europe and can be reached by train or car. We do not rely on planes.
  3. Every day’s schedule will be adjusted so that each junior can do some of his/her individual work in his/her bedroom and join the project’s working room only to meet his/her colleague and the tutors.
  4. All plenary sessions will be held in a particularly big room.
  5. When the producers and directors/showrunners join the workshop, wearing a mask is compulsory for everybody.
  6. Social distancing will be the rule during the entire workshop.



What can YOU do about it?

Between 1 and 15 January, juniors are meant to do their first schedule and budget on the project they were assigned. We suggest that they isolate themselves at home and do not take on external assignments. This voluntary self-quarantine is the best way to make everybody feel safe during the workshop. Please note that this measure is strongly recommended, but will not be enforced.



What if you must cancel at the last minute?

Please remember that cancelling your presence to the workshop is more a problem for the entire training process than a financial issue since no one else would be able to take over your schedule or your budget. Yet, should you have to cancel at the last minute for health reasons, we shall refund your fee on presentation of the corresponding medical certificate.

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