The European Scheduling & Budgeting Workshop

For its 11th edition, Production Value took place in
BILBAO – SPAIN from 7 to 15 of January, 2017.

With the support of the Bilbao Bizkaia Film Commission

PV17 Bilbao

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For the 2017 edition, 12 young professionals from 11 countries (out of the 68 applications from 24 countries) were selected (5 women and 7 men):

Junior Assistant Directors:
Greta Varts, Estonia
Joona Mielonen, Finland
Saku Suksi, Finland
Bart Le Belle, Netherlands
Charli Rosal, Spain
Benoit Monney, Switzerland

Junior Line Producers:
Zahra Waldeck, Norway
Joe Kotroczo, Luxembourg
Rodica Popa, Romania
Maarten D'Hollander, Belgium
Mia Welin, Sweden
Dominica Faberova, Slovakia



The following Seniors led the scheduling and budgeting process of 6 film projects in development and financing:
Scott Kirby, Senior Assistant Director a most wanted man
Stuart Renfrew, Senior Assistant Director, UK – the queen, pride
Mathias Schwerbrock, Senior Line Producer, Germany – the voices
Marco Valerio Pugini, Senior Line Producer, Italy angels & demons
Michael Schwarz, Senior Line Producer, Germany borgia
Hans van Helden, VFX Supervisor & Post-production Supervisor, Netherlands/Belgium



6 European production companies brought their film project to the 2017 edition of the workshop. 7 Producers and 4 Directors/Screenwriters joined the workshop for the last 2 days to discuss the results of the Juniors and the Seniors:
WERECUB (Magfilm, UK – Producer Steven Chatterton & Director Mark Anthony Galluzzo)
BLAKE & MORTIMER (Lago Films, Germany – Producer Marco Mehlitz & Writer Oliver Huzly)
STROLL TO THE SKY (Deal Productions, Luxembourg – Producer Alexandra Hoesdorff & Associate producer Alexandra Dondelinger)
THE WORLD AT NIGHT (Paradox Film, Norway – Producer Finn Gjerdrum & Director Erik Poppe)
CONJUROR (La Petite Entreprise, Switzerland – Co-writer & Producer Denis Rabaglia)
HALVDAN VIKING (Anagram, Sweden – Producer Jessica Ask & Line Producer Karolina Heimburg)



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Production Value is the only master class workshop for Junior assistant directors and line producers from all over Europe. Its process is unique and offers also an opportunity to producers and directors to have their film project scheduled and budgeted.

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