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Working Conditions for Filming

Working Conditions in Belgium


Belgium is part of the EU. No special permits needed.

Flanders / Wallonia

There is a difference between the French speaking (Wallonia) and the Dutch speaking (Flanders) part of the country when it comes to working hours and salaries. Walloon productions incline more towards France.

Although since the last few years differences are smaller as more international projects in general have reduced the gap.

Working Hours



Please refer to the enclosed PDF (indicative figures) for the crew members’ rates in gross salary. These rates are weekly average wages for cast and crew. These rates are for contract based wages, which means that on top of that there are 50% more of fringes on the payroll . If crew members prefer to invoice through their own company or by sub-contracters (temporary employment agencies), fringes are not taken into account, but you should add 50% to this rate (prices excluding 21% VAT).


The total of taxes and social benefits are calculated at 50%.


Actors Wages

(See PDF for full details about working with children in Belgium: FR & NL
(minimum compensation is not official)

Funding bodies:


Shooting Permits / Locations

Film permits are issued by the regional city or municipal departments. Depending on the size of the crew, the impact on the local traffic and the required logistic support, the processing of the application takes from a couple of days up to a couple of weeks. The help of local film offices can be very useful and accelerate the process. These offices also help when location scouting is concerned, or to put foreign producers in contact with local ones.

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