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Working Conditions for Filming

Working Conditions in Bulgaria


Bulgaria is part of the EU. No working permits requested for citizens of EU.

Shooting / Location permits have to be asked for by a Bulgarian authorized production company.

A tax is due to the Bulgarian National Film Centre:
for a shooting period less than 1 month the tax is 1 500 BGN = 767 EUR
for a shooting period exceeding 1 month the tax is 3 000 BGN = 1 534 EUR

Working Hours and Overtime


There are (almost) no film technicians nor actors unions in Bulgaria

Fees are not agreed or established on national level. Average weekly fees [XLS] valid for 2017. These rates are just an indication; actual rates are subject to negotiation.

usual daily fees are 1/6 of weekly fee


overtime fee is x 1.5 of the hourly fee, while hourly fee is 1/11 of daily fee if the done by day: from 12.00 till 22.00).

overtime fee is x 2 of the hourly fee, while hourly fee is 1/11 of daily fee if the done by night: from 22.00 till 12.00).

there is no additional charge for working on Sunday: daily, hourly and overtime fees are related to the regular ones.


Employer is to provide transport for some of the Bulgarian crew and actors to/from shooting location or, alternatively, cover the corresponding fuel cost. Some crewmembers like location, transport managers etc… to be provided with Car allowance 150 BGN /week or rent a car (50 BGN /day)

Employer is to provide transport for all of the foreign crew and actors to/from shooting location or, alternatively, cover the corresponding fuel cost.

Meal allowance for construction crew on a location without infrastructure and eating places (mountains, fields etc…) are to be provided lunch or an allowance of 6 BGN per day. Negotiable depending on the case.

Unlimited amount of water to be provided for each crewmember in the prep as well as during the shoot and wrap/strike.

A minimum of one full meal, a sandwich, snacks coffee/tea and water is to be provided to everyone on set during a working day

a 10 € perdiem is to be paid for every working day at more than 45 km distance from Sofia.- This is negotiable.

a 15 € perdiem is to be paid for every day on a distant location when the crew has to stay overnight in hotel.

Actors & Extras

Actors working days are also 12 hours (wardrobe and makeup time included) per day; normally no overtime is due (in the limits of the common sense)

Extras are paid for number of shooting days. Normally between 50 – 162 BGN (27 - 80 EUR) depending of day/night shootings, regular or specialized extras etc. If they have lines (aka "silhouettes") – paid up to 200 BGN (102 EUR).

Shooting with Children

If working with minors requires a special permit and medical visit (for Bulgarian minors). The rules for working with children are strict.

There are no yet regulation concerning the working schedules and/or practices for foreign minors


In Bulgaria the amount of social fees and health insurances is around 40% (depends of the regulation voted for the current year). Nevertheless as some of the technicians are paid on invoices for services issued by companies they own (in which case no social fees are due), the exact percentage might vary between 14% - 18%.

Generally an insurance for Injuries during working is done for the Bulgarian, crew, actors and extras. We do not insure them for third party damages etc. This is usually covered by the Main production insurance provided by the foreign production company. Foreign crew and cast must be also covered by the main prod. Insurance package.


Permits from the Police and from the local municipalities are needed.


The VAT in the country is 20%. Most VAT is refundable for film companies. But one exception is for fuel and some of the food costs.

Bulgarian National holidays for 2018

Monday January 01st New Years Day
Saturday March 03rd Liberation Day National Day. Marks the Treaty of San Stefano signed on 3 Mar 1878
Friday, Saturday and Sunday April 6th ,7th and 8th Orthodox Good Friday and Easter Movable
Tuesday May 01 Labour Day Labour Day and International Workers' Solidarity Day
Sunday May 06 St Georges Day Day of the Bulgarian Army
Thursday May 24 Culture and Literacy Day Day of Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture and of Slavonic Alphabet
Thursday September 06 Unification Day Commemorates the unification of Eastern Rumelia and Bulgaria in 1885
Saturday September 22 Independence Day Independence from the Ottoman Empire
Monday December 24 Christmas Eve
Tuesday December 25 Christmas Day
Wednesday December 26 Second Day of Christmas Celebrated on 26th December
Monday December 31 New Year Holiday

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