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Working Conditions for Filming

Working Conditions in Finland


Finland is part of the EU. No special permits needed.

General about Labor law/ union Collective bargaining

Production Companies have not agreed a binding Collective bargaining regarding the working conditions and rates for crew and cast. Most of the productions companies follow the recommendation though. Some of the details are negotiable but overtime is set in law and must be followed.

Currency in Finland is Euro (€).

Working Hours


Crew Rates

Trade union has set crew minimum wages. These are widely used as a maximum too. The daily rates are for 8-hour day.

Please refer to the enclosed DOCX about Crew Rates.

Actors Rates

The Actors association have recommendations for wages. There is no collective bargaining agreement. This recommendations apply on film and there are no recommendations for tv-production work on actors associations website. According to the associations website fee for 8 hrs working day is on average 800€.

The pay is divided into salary and rights. The share of the rights are negotiated production bases. Social fees are paid only of the share of the salary.

Smaller roles and Extras

Children and amateur actors are usually paid 100-200€/ day. Extras are usually hired through amateur theatre groups and clubs. Extras are normally paid 20€/ day or a movie ticket(s) not exceeding 20€. Production companies can pay 20€ in cash without fringes and taxes per month, exceeding that fringes and taxes must be paid. If the day is a proper long shooting day, extras are paid 50€/ full day but then fringes and taxes must be paid.

The Finnish labour and occupational safety legislation towards children working hours is strict. Special permission is needed. A child actor’s travel, rest, breaks and filming needs special attention.


Production Company pays about 35% fringes on top of all the salaries paid to the crew and cast members, depending on the size of the company. Crew/ cast who work under their own company or via an agency pay their own social payments and holiday compensation. These companies add 24% VAT on the invoice.



Production Company facilitates the catering services during the production. In Finland it’s common that the breakfast is offered half an hour before the call time and it’s free of charge. In addition to breakfast, there are snacks available during the shooting day free of charge. The cost of catering per person is about 15-19€ but the employee pays 6,60€ daily for a lunch which is deducted from the wage.

VAT (alv)

A film production company will get a 10-24% VAT refund on most Finnish services. Exceptions are alcohol and entertainment expenses.

24% general
14% food & drink
10% tickets, hotels, medicine, culture & sports


Locations cost from any negotiable rate upwards. Usually minimum is 500€/shooting day which sometimes includes pre + wrap. Permissions are needed when filming in public transportation or private places and buildings. Parking permissions are required when filming in the city area and if causing any disturbance to traffic. Each cost minimum 50€. The personnel to stop traffic while filming is usually hired from the fire dept. and costs 30€/hour pp.

Please refer to the enclosed PDF about Locations and traffic arrangements.

Car rentals

A passenger car costs about 800€/month with free km, a van is about 1200€/month and a truck is about 100€/day. Make up-van is about 450€/ day. Generator costs 1500-2800€/week, usage 20€/hour, mileage for truck/ generator is 0,75€/km.

Film commissions in Finland

There are four film commissions in Finland which are Finnish Lapland, North Finland, East Finland and West Finland Film Commission. In addition to these four, there’s Villilä Studios in the South-West Finland, helping out with locations & crew.

Important Addresses


Åland is a small 'state' within Finland with own parliament, government, flag, stamps, etc.
Åland also has a Film Commission, totally separated from Finland Film Commission with own financial incentives and own cash rebate.

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