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Working Conditions for Filming

Working Conditions in Italy

Foreign companies working in Italy must hire a local company to comply with all rules and obligations.


Rates are for 9+1 hour per day. (Updated December 2011)
Rates for 10+1/10 continuous (Service). (Updated March 2017)

Working Hours:

Overtime per hour crew labour/drivers
Prep/Travel 30 17
Shooting (golden hour) 60 50 (Drivers)/34 (Labours)

Fringe benefits
36,86% Payroll (cast and crew, extras)
24,67% Invoice (some cast, director)

Insurance: 1.6%

See list of official Holidays.

Additional rules apply to shooting with minors.


Vehicles are supplied without driver
– company must hire drivers directly
all other expenses (fuel, insur. etc.) are included in 5-day week deals

100 kw generator 600
Grips/electricity/camera 600
Wardrobe 700
Motorhomes 500-1000
5 posts make-up/hair trailer 800

A 10% provision for excess mileage has been included
50% of daily fee is charged on Saturday for loaded trucks in Rome.
Full price for Saturdays on location

Other Costs:

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