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Working Conditions for Filming

Working Conditions in Luxembourg


In Luxembourg there are no strict rules for working hours and rates. However, here are the rules and conditions that are usually applied. Read also the legal status of freelancing artist and part time worker in the audiovisual sector and the corresponding update.


Luxembourg is part of the EU. No special working permits for EU citizens and Swiss citizens are needed.

A 10% withholding tax applies to foreign creatives working in Luxembourg, if they are paid by the Luxembourg co-producer, unless they invoice through a VAT registered company.

Working hours


NB: Traditionally rates are budgeted as "production cost", ie. the rate the production would pay if the crew member was invoicing, inclusive of all fringes. When hiring an employee crew member a gross exclusive of fringes needs to be calculated from this rate.

Consult the indicative rates for 2017.



Overtime is negotiable, however local crew expect to be treated in line with the terms and conditions which apply to any foreign crew coming in as part of a co-production.

There is the possibility to pay overtime to the crew on a pro-rata temporis basis without surcharge i.e. 10 hrs = 1 additional day at normal daily rate If an overtime surcharge is paid to foreign crew members, the same surcharge should be applicable to local crew.

Allowances (negotiable)

Actor’s rates


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