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Working Conditions in Morocco


Morocco has become these last years one of the most attractive location for filming, international directors and producers has found in Morocco the combination of varied locations, the adequate climate, the professional crew, the government facilitations and the proximity to Europe.

The line production of any shoot should be insured by a Moroccan production company agreed by the MCC “Moroccan Cinema Center”, which provide the general shooting permits. This shooting permit will help to get any other permit from any department in Morocco, such as military Department, Ministry of Culture, Monuments…

The Application file (Request, shooting authorization form duly filled in, which is available on the web site of the MCC, an accreditation letter, a treatment of the project, and a list of the crew participating on the shoot) for shooting authorization should reach the MCC 15 days at the latest before the date of the film shooting.

Working Hours & Overtime

*An agreement for a package of overtime could be concluded between the production company and the technician.


Each production company has its own rate card and varies from low to big budgets. See this reliable list of crew rates.

Technicians are responsible to report their earnings for the income tax and social security payment.


The Moroccan tax administration grants to all foreign production the purchases and rentals of goods and services without V.A.T. After getting the shooting permit from the MCC and opening a bank account in the name of the foreign production, we can apply for this VAT exemption certificate. It is applicable on all invoices over 5000 Mad.


When crew members work away from their home towns, the production has to pay them per diems and arrange a hotel room. Head of departments should get per diem and accommodation and the assistants get living allowances and take care of their own accommodation. The average in Morocco is 400 DH per diem per day and 500 DH Living allowance per day. Hotels rates vary from town to town, in big towns such as Casablanca and Rabat, the rates are as follows:
5 stars: 1400 DH – 2200 DH
4 stars: 900 DH – 1500 DH

In towns like Marrakech, Fes, Tangier and Ouarzazate the rates are:
5 stars: 850 DH – 1500 DH
4 stars: 600 DH – 950 DH

Actors & Extras

Day rate for local actors is negotiable and is range between 3000 DH to 15000 DH per day

Extras are normally paid between 250 DH and 400 DH per day.


Morocco is known by it’s hot and dry weather in summers, which allows long shooting days about 12 hours a day. It is hot and sunny most time of the year, during the peak summer months, it gets very hot in the Marrakech and Fes and the southwest of Morocco, The rest is cooler mainly because of the ocean breeze, forests or mountains.


The catering includes the breakfast, lunch, snacks and sandwiches between meals. Tea, coffee, drinks all day long, and the cost starts from 150 DH per person per day, depends on number of crew and the period.


There are three big studios in Morocco which has famous sites, stages, offices, restaurants, workshops for costume workshops, make up rooms, decoration, construction workshops with machineries and even stables with trained animals


All information about the 20% cash rebate is available on the website of the Marrakech film commission.

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