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Working Conditions for Filming

Working Conditions in Norway


Norway is part of EFTA.

Working Hours

Working hours for a feature film shooting day is normally 10 hours: 7,5 normal hours and 2 x 50 % overtime + 30 minutes for lunch. This is when the working day start between 07.00 and 10.00.

The normal work period is between 06:00 and 21:00. (Working on location and/or shooting exterior). In a studio the normal work period is between 07:00 and 18:00.

Night Hours

Work between 21.00–24.00 is compensated with 50%
Work between 24.00-06.00 is compensated with 100%

Overtime Monday – Friday

After 7,5 hours + 30 minutes lunch, you will have to pay overtime as follows:



10 hours turnaround, if not: every turnaround hour is 200%.


Rates are daily and vary depending on the experience of the crewmember (0, 3, 6 and 10 years in the business). All rates are in NOK.

Please note that the rates are adjusted up May every year with 2-4% depending on the general wage settlements the current year.

Fringes (payroll tax, insurance, social security fees): 26 % if you are an employee, 20 % if you invoice and have an own registered company. Please note: Crewmembers that are members of “Norwegian Film Union” will receive an additional 2 % pension plan on their fringes.

Compensation for travel when shooting on remote locations

When working on remote locations that requires accommodation for more than 5 days the producer and the crew´s representative can agree on the following:
Working hours every day from Monday 06:00 to Thursday 21:00 and Friday 18:00 can be counted together up to 37,5 coherent hours without overtime. After 37,5 hours the following 15 hours is compensated with 50% overtime before 100% starts. Working after 21:00 is compensated as normal night hours.

Per Diems

* If the producer provides these meals the quota is subtracted from the per diems

For per diem rates outside of Norway please see the “Kost” column on this sheet.

Actors’ Rates

Daily: Minimum is 5.706 NOK but this is without additional compensation for rehearsals and costume/make up test and others. Costume/Make-up rehearsals: 417 NOK per hour. Script rehearsals: 672 NOK per hour.

If you want to make a total package deal that includes everything, the minimum daily fee is 8.492 NOK per day.

Usually an actor gets anything between 6.000 and 15.000 NOK including overtime. Post sync is normally half a day's pay.

On top of the daily pay actors get a buyout if they are members of the Actors Guild (6%)

You also need to apply fringes/social costs as with crew.

Audition call backs are to be paid 1792 NOK up to 4 hours and 4247 NOK up to 8 hours.


NOK 500 – 1000 per day.

VAT Refund

A film production company will get a 25% VAT refund on most Norwegian services. Two interesting exceptions:

You cannot deduct VAT on food and craft services. Nor can you deduct VAT on vehicles that carry normal “White” licence plates. However, if you rent vehicles with “Green” licence plates, you will get a VAT refund on these vehicles and the fuel used by these vehicles. Vehicles with green licence plates are normally cargo vehicles used for transport of equipment.

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