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Working Conditions for Filming

Working Conditions in Poland


POLAND is a member of European Union. No special working permits for EU citizens are required.

Working Hours



Please refer to the document [DOC] (“Estimated Costs for Filming in Poland”)


Allowances (PER DIEMS)

Actors’ Rates

Feature film actors minimum day pay is 1500 zl. Maximum ~ 5000-6000 zl, unless it's special appearance which could be 8000 -10 000 zl or more.

Extras & Featured Extras

Rates for extras can vary depending on shooting location, for example shooting in Warsaw can be 150zl – 250zl per day, but shooting in Cracow or Wroclaw can be 50zl – 100zl par day.

Extras can work 10 or 12 hours and are entitled to a lunch.

Featured Extras vary between 350 PLN - 1200 PLN (depending on complexity, difficulty, for ex nudity)

Sources of Information

Important Budgeting Information

For EU Members VAT is not applicable therefor Polish Service Production/ Pratner provided with EU VAT ID will not charge VAT on top of invoice. For non EU members 23% VAT will be charged.

No Tax Incentives available,

Regional Funds Accesible for foreign Productions.

Film Institutions

National Funds

Polish Film Institute

Film Commissions/Regional Funds

Film Commission Poland

Wrocław Film Commission

Łódź Film Commission

Krakow Film Commission

Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission

Poznan Film Commission

Silesia Film Commission

Wielkopolska Film Commission

Production Guide Poland (extended) pdf link

Film Location Database:

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