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Working Conditions for Filming

Working Conditions in Portugal


Portugal is part of the EU. No special working permits (including for the Swiss) needed.

Working Hours


Detailed average crew members salaries


All crew members are freelancers and invoice (they’re not on the payroll).

The fees displayed in the PDF are the total cost for the company (no fringes to be added), crew members pay their own social benefits and taxes.



Adult actors:

750-1000 €/ day (normal actor)/ 

Up from 10-day packages can be negotiated

known actors get as much as they ask for 

Teenagers: no established rates. Actors of minor age are supposed to be protected by law, but it is still quite flexible.


In general, actors tend to see their participation in foreign films as a chance to get discovered abroad, and might therefore accept lower fees.



To be negotiated, reference value could be:

45 €/ person per day

100€/ person for featured extras

They may charge 50% of the salary for costume fittings

The Films That Got Made

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