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Working Conditions for Filming

Working Conditions in Spain


Spain is part of the EU. No special working permits needed. For hiring foreign crew, please see "Hiring Foreign Personnel and Actors".

Working Hours

Salaries based on 60 hour week (11 hours daily + 1 hour lunch), Monday through to Friday, but different working hours can apply :


Overtime on Monday to Friday is payable at 1+½ times of salary divided by 60 hours.
Bank Holidays, Saturday and Sunday are payable 2 times of salary divided by 5 days.
12 hours turn around for spanish crew call to call, when travel is not more than ½ hours.


For the minimum wages of a spanish film, please refer to this chart (2017).

For international productions shooting in Spain, refer the this chart (2019)

Reliable standard wages for a European coproduction film with Spain as major or minor coproduction are somewhat half-way through these 2 charts.
Salaries crew fringes are + 33,5% but 6,4% is taken for salaries.


Actors Wages

For more details, consult the 2019 Audiovisual Rates PDF.
+ 5% for clearance of Intellectual Property


The rate in Spain is currently 21%. All prices quoted here are excluding VAT. Salaries are not marked with VAT, but any other item rented or purchased is marked. VAT is recoverable for most of the items, in Spain it takes between 1 to 2 months to get it back from the tax office.


Third party insurance for 3.500.000 euros coverage costs approx. 8.000 euros.

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