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Working Conditions for Filming

Working Conditions in Switzerland


EU citizens can work 90 working days per year without working permit. Submission of a notification form to the cantonal authorites where the work takes place is required. Please consult regulations. Other citizens need a working permit.

Working Hours


Consult the official list (2016, PDF) and have a look at the standard contract regulations (2020, PDF).

Social Benefits

Every employee is entitled to the following benefits (percentage based on gross salary):

To be split 50-50% between employer and employee:

+ Vacations: 8.33%, below 20 and above 50 years of age: 10.6% to be paid fully by employer


Per diems for outside Switzerland are to be negotiated.

Actor's Rates

Usually around 1'500 - 2'500 CHF


CHF 50 for half a day. CHF 80 — 100 per day, depending on job.
Up to CHF 200 for featured extras

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