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  Tools for European Screenwriters' Training

TEST Surveys on Programmes and Consultants

TEST has launched two surveys during the winter 2004-2005.

The first one lead by Luciano Gloor, about Professional Screenwriters' Training Programmes, with the following topics:

  • General information about the programmes and their promotion
  • Selection policy, procedures and requirements
  • Training philosophy - methods and tools
  • The "training agents": script doctors, script consultants, etc.
  • Evaluation methodology
  • Impact of screenwriters' training programmes on the European audiovisual industry
  • Perspectives.

The report can be downloaded as .pdf document:

The second one, lead by Arjen Van Dalen is dedicated to the views of Consultants/Trainers who work in these programmes, that are oriented to fiction and combine training and development. Described is who the trainers are, what they do and how they perceive the impact of their work. Apart from that we asked for their views concerning the interplay between training and the industry, about the European dimension in training and about the evolution of the training/development programmes in the next years.

The report can be downloaded as .pdf document:

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