IPPP team and coordinator


Pierre Agthe, Director, Switzerland and The Netherlands

Pierre Agthe studied psychology in France and Switzerland, after which he worked for fifteen years in the social field, education and child psychiatry.
In 1990, the Swiss film sector asked him to direct FOCAL, its public-funded training institution for all professionals of the cinema and audiovisual businesses.
Since then he has developed a structure which is unique in Europe. He has also established long-term, cross-cultural training and production programmes for screenwriters, directors, producers and lawyers in Central Europe, Western Africa and South Caucasus.
In 2014 he was appointed as Director of FOCAL resource.
Given his background, Pierre Agthe is particularly interested in script development topics.

For ACE Producers:

Simon Perry, President, The Netherlands and France

Simon Perry was a trade journalist with Variety, a film development fund executive and then an independent film producer in the UK until 1990. He was head of British Screen, the UK’s national film funding agency, for ten years, then head of the Irish Film Board for five years, and head of international production at Film i Väst in Sweden for two years. He was a founder member of ACE in 1993 and has been its president since 1996. He devised and ran a film producing course at the International Filmschool in Cologne for 14 years, and currently teaches production at Aalto University filmschool in Helsinki.


Danny Krausz, President, Luxembourg and Austria

Danny Krausz is managing director, producer and head of the national and international feature film department of DOR FILM, which he founded together with Milan Dor in 1988, and is managing together with Kurt Stocker since 1995. In 1998, he founded Dor Film-West in Munich and Dor Film Köln in 2009. He has collaborated on more than a hundred productions, mainly feature and television films. Since 2011 Danny Krausz holds the professorship for film production at the MDW–Vienne (University for Music and performing Arts).

IPPP Coordinator:

Carola Stern, FOCAL

Carola Stern has been working in the German and Swiss film industry for 25 years, mainly in distribution, production, film funding and PR. Her academic background are Social Sciences, Psychology, Literature and Film. With FOCAL (Switzerland) she is Head of Training for distributors and exhibitors and Coordinator of the Producers Pooling Programme.