In light of the current situation, the FOCAL Foundation is rethinking its offer and now also provides online seminars. In recent months, several seminars and workshops that could not be held locally have been moved online, while others have been designed from the outset to be suitable for learning via video conferencing. The online training offer covers various fields and will be further expanded over the months. We are closely monitoring the health situation and will continue to adapt our training accordingly, hoping that we will soon be able to offer you an even more diverse programme.

We are aware that the film industry is currently in a difficult situation; we have therefore decided to temporarily reduce the prices of our seminars.

Above you will find the online courses for which you can register now.

The FOCAL team is at your disposal for any further information and looks forward to welcoming you at one or the other of our seminars.


FOCAL offers further training opportunities to professionals in the film and audiovisual fields. The seminars, colloquiums and workshops set up in Switzerland and other European countries provide knowledge and skills that can be put into immediate practice. At the same time, these events serve as a platform for questioning conventional work models and methods, and for exchanging ideas away from the pressure of everyday demands.