Programme 2019/4

The new program of our seminairs and workshops is available.

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Programme FOCAL 2019/4

Green Filmmaking

There is a study that already showed us in 2006 that Hollywood is, with their film industry, the second-biggest polluter after the oil industry. And of course, there is that question: What would have their huge productions to do with our industry here in Europe? Then three years later in 2009 there was another study that showed that the film industry in London has, yearly, the same carbon footprint as a town with 20’000 people. 

FOCAL offers further training opportunities to professionals in the film and audiovisual fields. The seminars, colloquiums and workshops set up in Switzerland and other European countries provide knowledge and skills that can be put into immediate practice. At the same time, these events serve as a platform for questioning conventional work models and methods, and for exchanging ideas away from the pressure of everyday demands.