IPPP has started on 1st January 2019

The International Producers Pooling Programme is a new on-the-job, self-training opportunity for experienced producers who want to improve their skills in audiovisual project development in small international groups of peers. Three to five producers from different countries build a Pool for a period of twelve months in order to explore together particular topics they have defined in common. These topics match the projects which are brought into the collaborative process, such as exploring certain genres, co-producing, financing, packaging and positioning the projects as well as management and communication skills.

53 companies and 57 producers (33 male and 24 female), from 22 countries have applied for the first edition of IPPP (see Repartition map) (PDF).

The final figures for the five selected Pools are 17 companies and 18 producers (9 male and 9 female), from 14 countries (see Pools map) (PDF).

The Pools' members and the topics covered by the 5 Pools in 2019 are:

Pool 1
Tom Dercourt, Cinéma Defacto, France
Bruno Bettati, Jirafa Films, Chile
Luc Déry, micro_scope, Canada
"How to increase the producer’s business and creative performances at a digital age"

Pool 2
Bostjan Virc, Studio Virc d.o.o., Slovenia
Sinisa Juricic, Nukleus Film, Croatia
Marko Paljic, Gargantua Films, Serbia
"How to overcome the limitations of public film funding in Eastern Europe"

Pool 3
Brigitte Hofer and Cornelia Seitler, maximage, Switzerland
Martichka Bozhilova, Agitprop, Bulgaria
Oliver Neumann, FreibeuterFilm, Austria
Conor Barry, Savage Film, Ireland
"Horror extended – The mechanics and the effects of the horror film genre in depth as well as collecting more tools in storytelling, producing and exploiting"

Pool 4
Maria Drandaki, Homemade Films, Greece
Ellen Havenith, PRPL, The Netherlands
Julie Paratian, Sister Productions, France.
"How to not give up on debut films - How to keep discovering and nurturing new talent and maintaining sustainable companies in the current competitive and demanding film market"

Pool 5
Julia Tal, 2:1 Film GmbH, Switzerland
Joanna Szymańska, SHIPsBOY, Poland
Fleur Knopperts, Volya Films, The Netherlands
Martin Rehbock, Zischlermann Filmproduktion, Germany
"The playground of realities – Development, production and distribution of original, socially engaged children’s films & family movies"

The grants allocated to the 5 selected Pools amount to 300'000 €.

Lausanne, 17 December 2018