The International Producers Pooling Programme IPPP Collaborative Training & Development

The guiding ideas:

«Strength lies in union»

IPPP supports producers interested in sharing experience with co-opted peers, other professionals and consultants in a self-chosen, trust-based setting.

«Do it yourself»

IPPP offers producers the opportunity to define their own project-based concept for training and development, based on their own interests and aims.

«Go abroad»

IPPP is designed for internationally-minded producers with international and more widely marketable projects.

IPPP News: Please read the latest news about the selected Pools for IPPP 2019


The International Producers Pooling Programme is a new training opportunity for experienced producers who want to improve their skills in audiovisual project development in small international groups of peers.

IPPP is an on-the-job, self-training programme, based on the exchange with other professionals and external experts of various fields in the setting of a Pool. The methods of training and frequency of meetings are decided by the Pools themselves. All kinds of cinematic genres (long fiction and animation, documentary feature) as well as TV series, games and VR projects are eligible.

Three to five producers from different countries build a Pool for a period of twelve months in order to explore together particular topics they have defined in common. These topics match the projects which are brought into the collaborative process, such as exploring certain genres, co-producing, financing, packaging and positioning the projects as well as management and communication skills.

Compared to training programmes such as ACE, EAVE, Eurodoc, Maia Workshops, Transatlantic Partners etc., IPPP can be considered as a next step offering a self-curated and tailor-made environment in which producers can take their skills and network to a new level.

There are no participation fees. IPPP is financed by twelve film funding institutions in Europe so far (see below), and more are likely to join after the first edition. The programme is developed and administered by FOCAL, in consultation with ACE and EAVE.

"This is a remarkable initiative, which seems to address a real training need throughout Europe"
Roberto Olla, Executive Director of Eurimages


Running time: 1st January to 31 December 2019


Running time: 1st January to 31 December 2021

Application deadline: to be announced

IPPP Partners and interested countries' map (PDF)