Benefits and Objectives

IPPP places producers at the centre of a collaborative learning process that promotes management, communication and marketing skills, and positioning their projects within a fast-evolving landscape of digital technologies and platforms.

Participants will benefit from the unique experience of delving deeply into areas of development (project development and associated skills, creative and business development) that they have identified as of particular importance to the growth of their companies and thus to enhancing the European audio-visual landscape.

IPPP will enable them to work collaboratively, on a self-motivating basis and to avail themselves of consultants’ expertise tailored to their own precise needs.

The opportunity to spend a year reflecting on their own needs and problems, developing a training programme for themselves and carrying it out in a group builds the individual producers’ self-awareness of in their work and professional roles, and creates relationships of trust among professionals across borders.

Ultimately IPPP could lead to the creation of sustainable, cross-border groups of production companies and a strengthening of the fabric of the European film industry as a whole.