How It Works

  1. Three to five established and independent production companies, each from a different country, co-opt each other to establish a Pool for their collaborative training. The IPPP Team (see below) can help to find partners. Co-productions within a Pool are possible but not obligatory.
  2. The Pool applies to the programme provider FOCAL with:
    • at least one project in development per company (long fiction, feature documentary, animation film, TV series, game, VR, Transmedia) intended as majority co-production and planned and financed in such a way as to achieve wide or international market access;
    • an IPPP development and training concept exploring particular topics related to the projects: e.g. children’s films, family entertainment, creative documentaries, true-life stories, genres such as comedy, horror, sci-fi; as well as different production and distribution strategies, e.g. international workflows in animation, direct online distribution or new creative story telling, and appropriate consulting experts;
    • an IPPP budget: it totals up to € 50,000 for a pool of three production companies, € 60,000 for four, and € 70,000 for five companies to execute their concept.
  3. If selected, the Pool executes its concept according to a 12-month schedule and reports twice about its work in progress: in the middle and at the end of the year. Changes regarding scheduling, projects and experts are possible and should be agreed with the IPPP coordinator (see below).
  4. The Pool is responsible for the accountancy and for all payments, including the experts’ and consultants’ fees. At the end of the year the final accounts will be checked by an external auditor approved and paid by FOCAL.
  5. At the end of the process, the Pool delivers material for the dissemination of results, which can be published and distributed by FOCAL. There is no obligation to produce the projects that have been dealt with.