Participants and pools

Participants are experienced and active producers, mainly from Europe but also beyond; particularly members of the ACE Producers Network and alumni of programmes such as EAVE, Eurodoc and Maia Workshops. They must have an independent registered company and a significant production track-record, either in full-length fiction, documentary, animation film or respectively in TV series, games or VR. Junior producers at established companies may participate with their seniors.

Associated participants, depending on the type of development to be pursued by each Pool, may be: directors, screenwriters, animators, composers; also other key production staff and, in diversified production companies, sales and distribution colleagues.

Number of Pools: up to five altogether in the first edition of IPPP / each including three, four or five producers from different countries.

  • A Pool consists of three, four or five established, active and independent production companies, each represented by a senior producer who is an owner/co-owner of the company and each from a different country. They co-opt each other. For the first edition of IPPP, junior producers are eligible only if working in a company headed by an experienced producer.
  • Production companies join the Pool with at least one project each in development (long fiction, feature documentary, animation film, TV series, game, VR). The projects should be intended to be made as majority co-productions (with or without other companies in the Pool) and planned and financed in such a way as to achieve wide or international market access. They can be at any stage of their development.
  • The production companies must own – or have exclusively optioned – the screen rights to projects to be developed during the IPPP course.

A Pool is not a legal entity but is a joint, mutual commitment defined by (a) its IPPP Concept and Budget as approved by the programme provider, and (b) a contract with the programme provider, FOCAL.