MEDICI - The Film Funding Journey

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This workshop welcomes decision makers in film funds, as well as other senior professionals with tracked experience in a funding institution.

Date and venue

From 9 to 12 October 2024
Gothenburg, Sweden

The programme starts Wednesday at 6 pm and ends Friday (11th) around 6 pm (followed by a farewell dinner).

Registration/Application deadline
20 August 2024

850 euros. The fee covers three nights of accommodation, full board and transportation from and to the airport.

FOCAL attributes scholarships which cover 50% of the fee. Travel to and back from Göteborg is not included.


MEDICI is a unique annual training and exchange forum, designed exclusively for decision-makers of film funding organisations at national or international level. It leverages peer-to-peer exchanges to share best practices, inspire creative policymaking and enhance cultural strategies. MEDICI creates an open framework for in-depth discussions and free exchange.

The programme is tailored to the specific needs of public film funders and is presented by highly qualified experts from the audiovisual industry. 

Over 2.5 days, participants engage in in-depth discussions, evaluate existing funding schemes and programmes, and gain valuable insights into the evolving film landscape. 

The 13th edition of the MEDICI workshop will focus on:

1. Harnessing AI for Film Funding Institutions.

2. How Can Selective and Automatic Film Funding Coexist?

3. How Does Film Funding Deal with Political Responsibility and Demands?

→ Detailed programme


  • Sandra den Hamer, CEO of the Netherlands Film Fund (Holland)
  • Claus Ladegaard, CEO of the Danish Film Institute (Denmark) 
  • Katri Manninen, Screenwriter, Showrunner and AI Researcher (Finland)
  • Richard Naylor, Director BOP Consulting (UK)
  • Dr. Natalie Sabanadze, Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House (UK, Georgia)
  • Sten-Kristian Saluveer, Strategist, Head of Cannes NEXT and CEO of Storytek Innovation & Venture Studio (Estonia)
  • Edith Sepp, CEO of the Estonian Film Institute (Estonia)
  • Mariana Vargas Gurilieva, Director if the Dominican Film Agency DGCine (Dominican Republic)

→ Detailed list of speakers and team members

The workshop offers a dynamic mix of presentations, group work and in-depth exchange to facilitate knowledge transfer and foster a collaborative learning environment. 

All presentations will be followed by Q&A sessions where participants can engage in dialogue with the speakers. During the breaks and over dinner, there will be space for informal dialogue to ensure networking and the development of long-term professional relationships.

The final schedule and the list of all attendees will be sent to the registered participants two weeks before the start of the workshop. The schedule will include detailed outlines and the biographies of all participants. 


Application form

(CV and portrait picture necessary for registration of new participants to be published in the MEDICI booklet).

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