The concept of the workshop

This 4-day event is a residential workshop focusing on the understanding of the other – as a person whose identity and perspectives are to be taken into account in order to avoid conflict, and as an antagonist whose views must be heard in order to solve a conflict. Two charismatic and generous leadership mentors will guide us through this process.

With Julia Middleton we will explore the concept of cultural intelligence: how can we recognise cultural differences between professions, generations, social environment, cultures? How can we accept them while remaining true to ourselves?
Julia Middleton is the founder and CEO of Common Purpose Charitable Trust (UK) that runs leadership development programmes enabling people from different backgrounds to work together and solve common problems. They give participants the inspiration, skills and connections to become better leaders, both at work and in society – “leaders who can cross boundaries”.

George Kohlrieser, a former hostage negotiator who owes his survival to having created a connection with the person who threatened to kill him, has developed a unique expertise in conflict management. How do we create and maintain a bond with our counterpart when conflict arises? How do we raise awareness that behind each conflict there is a loss – and the chance of an enriching relationship?
George Kohlrieser is a distinguished professor of leadership and organisational behaviour at IMD Business School, author, clinical psychologist and consultant.