Selection and cooperation processes

Selection of Pools

The selection of Pools is conducted by the three Members of the IPPP Team. They can associate additional experts.

The applied criteria relate exclusively to the IPPP concept, and not to the quality of the projects involved.

The following elements will be considered / evaluated:

  • the relevance and coherence of the IPPP concept
  • the quality of the chosen work method and means
  • the IPPP' budget's coherence with the criteria mentioned above.

Co-operation between the Pools and the training provider

After being selected, the producers of a Pool and the programme provider (FOCAL) sign a contract that guarantees the financing of the Pool’s IPPP and settles obligations of both partners (see contract example).

The producers are responsible for operating within their budget and scheduled workflow. One producer in each Pool will be primarily responsible for reporting to FOCAL during preparation and execution of the training and for the communication with FOCAL. That producer (or her/his office) takes charge of the planning, logistics and invoice organisation necessary for each Pool’s implementation of its IPPP concept.

The IPPP Coordinator (see below) is the Pools' contact person and adviser regarding working methods and choice of experts, based on her overview of all Pools and her pedagogical experience. She also ensures that the Pools meet their deadlines and acts as an interface between the Pools, the IPPP Team and the funding agencies.

On the other hand, she has nothing to do with either communication within the Pool or with the organization of Pool activities. It is the Pool's job to take care of the logistics, jointly with the various experts (travel, reception, lodgings, etc.), and of various shared tasks (meeting sites, distribution of materials, etc.). However, the IPPP coordinator may give a hand with the organizational tasks of the Pools, when these concern several pools at a time, or when a degree of synergy between the Pools seems pertinent.

At the end of the training, the Pool's expenses are to be compared with their IPPP Budget on the basis of a detailed breakdown. Should the Pool's total expenses be less than the IPPP Budget, FOCAL will cover only the actual expenses. Should the Pool's expenses exceed the budget, the Pool members will cover the extra costs.

Under reserve of copyrights, FOCAL must have the right, as an advanced training organization, to render public the full scope of research and works accomplished with the help of public funding. The IPPP Coordinator is tasked with archiving the results, of setting up and regularly updating a data bank on the various consultants, specialists and so forth who worked on behalf of the IPPP supported project.


An intermediate report (3 – 5 pages) is to be supplied by end June 2019.

After the Pool’s training has come to its end in December 2019, the producers will send a final report to the IPPP Coordinator by 1 February 2020. They are asked to describe their activities undertaken and to draw up their own assessment of the developmental work in relation to the IPPP objectives and to their own training concept.

Quotation obligation

The films developed within the IPPP framework are to be duly announced as such. The exact wording is to be found in the contract between FOCAL and the Pool.