Luci Lenox

Luci Lenox

Producers, directors, production professionals and actors
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Monday, 27 September 2021,
14.00 - 15.00,  Kosmos, Zürich

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Barbie Heusinger & Mathias Noschis
Head of Studies FOCAL Audience & Market Strategies

CASTING is generally considered to be one of the most important factors in the success of a film and one of the crucial aspects of getting the green light for a film. Luci Lenox has been working as a casting director for the last fifteen years and will be sharing her knowledge on how important casting is in the development stages of productions. A well-cast film is a pleasure to shoot, whereas a mis-cast film is a struggle. Only with an excellent cast your script can reach its full potential.

This talk will focus on the complications of attaching cast before financing, and on how to develop a successful strategy. There will be some practical advice about what to say and what not to say when talking to actors and their agents. The talk will also explore how to work with a casting director in order to get the best actors for your production. It will highlight how important the right cast is for your production, and how not to fall into the trap of only casting for financing. Luci will highlight what producers and directors should be looking for during casting and how to take advantage of this new era to access more international markets from a casting perspective.

This talk is presented as part of the FOCAL Audience and Market Strategies Workshop.

Luci Lenox
Luci Lenox’s recent credits include “Baby” directed by Juanma Bajo Ulloa), which is currently on the festival circuit, and “The Head”, an HBO TV series (a Spanish/Japanese co-production). She cast the lead in Sebastian Schipper's feature “Victoria”, one of Europe’s most successful low-budget independent films. She was on the board of CSA (Casting Society America) Europe for two years and was the head of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. She has worked with major production companies such as Netflix, Fox, Paramount, ABC, Disney, NBC, Summit, MediaPro, HBO, Crackle (Sony), Starz!, Shondaland, NBC, YoutubeRed and Amazon Studios. The feature film projects that she has cast have collectively won over 200 awards at film festivals around the world.

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