Audience engagement and monetisation on VOD, digital platforms and beyond

Date and venue
8 November 2021, 14.00-17.30, Geneva (on site and online)
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With movie theaters operating at partial capacity due to the impact of COVID-19, independent producers are forced to seek alternative distribution channels and revenue sources for back-catalogue and upcoming films. In addition to the global platforms and the 30 market leaders gathered under the EuroVOD initiative, Europe alone has over a thousand digital platforms, OTTs and distribution channels, with a multitude of options available worldwide.

This event offers a practical and concrete approach, focusing on the basic knowledge needed to launch and manage films on a digital platform. Keynotes and demos by renowned industry experts from Europe, as well as practical case studies will be presented to enlighten the attending professionals on distribution and monetisation opportunities for their film catalogue and upcoming titles. The presentations are followed by AMA (Ask me anything) sessions.

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