Composing for Film with Artificial Intelligence

16 filmmusic composers. It is not necessary to have experience with A.I., but participants need to be proficient in DAW and MIDI data.
Date and venue
Wednesday 30 September 2020 (morning), in Zurich
Registration/Application deadline
A valid accreditation for SoundTrack_Zurich is necessary. A day pass costs 60 CHF, reduced tickets for students and SMECA members are available.
Angela Rohrer, FOCAL

This half-day workshop will take place during SoundTrack_Zurich, a conference on film and media music. Participants will learn hands-on how to use the latest artificial intelligence technology in their creative workflow when writing music for film.

Janne Spjkervet, a well-known music producer and artificial intelligence researcher, will teach the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and demonstrate its capabilities in creative writing: from sparking new ideas to working out a melody into a full score.

Participants will work with the software Orb Composer Suite which assists them in the process of using A.I. algorithms in their digital audio workstation of choice. The software will be made available for the workshop, but participants have to bring their own laptop.


Janne Spijkervet (NL) is a music producer and artificial intelligence researcher who explores the notion of creativity with self-learning algorithms. She earned her Bachelor of Music degree at the HKU University of Arts Utrecht with honors, and developed a system that learned to write music like Bach in her thesis. In 2020, she earned her Master of Science degree at the University of Amsterdam where she conducted research about how algorithms learn in an unsupervised manner, without humans that explicitly tell a computer something about the world it perceives. She has worked with artists to create songs using artificial intelligence and has performed on radio and television shows explaining the wide range of possibilities and impact of the creative use of A.I.

in partnership with

  • SoundTrackZurich 2020
  • Zurich Film Festival