Discovering the Story during the Shoot

Professional documentary filmmakers and festival visitors
Date and venue
Saturday, 22 June 2019, 10:00 – 13:00, at the Stadtkino Basel
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CHF 17.00
English (without translation)
Beat Schneider, Bildrausch –
Filmfest Basel,
in cooperation with FOCAL – Documentary filmmaking department
Born in 1964 in Eritrea, the Italian-American filmmaker Gianfranco Rosi is one of the most exciting and provocative representatives of the political documentary. He says about his work: “Ever since my first film, I’ve noticed that I discover my own stories only when I’m shooting … When I start making a movie I don’t know where it’ll take me, I let time do its job, let the encounters guide me. At the same time, the most important principle of all art is to seek out the fine line between truth and untruth.” Recently he spent six months in the Kurdish border regions to Turkey in Northern Iraq, in Northern Syria and in Iran in order to shoot his new film NOTTURNO. Patient as always and on his own with his camera and sound equipment, he surrenders to reality. Using sequences of his yet undisclosed project and excerpts from former works, Jean Perret explores in conversation with Gianfranco Rosi how the filmmaker chooses protagonists and images, how he shoots the film sequences and how his ideas take shape and are perfected in his mind and in the editing room. The event provides a remarkable and exclusive insight into Gianfranco Rosi’s working methods and toolbox.

Gianfranco Rosi, born in 1964 in Eritrea, lives in New York
Films: FUOCOAMMARE, 2016 (Golden Bear, Berlin); SACRO GRA, 2013 (Golden Lion, Venice); EL SICARIO, ROOM 164, 2010; BELOW SEA LEVEL, 2008; BOATMAN, 1993


Jean Perret, former director of HEAD (Haute école d’art et de design), Geneva; former director of the documentary film festival Visions du Réel, Nyon

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