Agnieszka Patela © Wajda Studio

Agnieszka Patela © Wajda Studio

9 teams – director, writer, D.O.P and producer.
One Swiss team can participate.
Date and venue
1st session: 30 May to 2 June 2021
2nd session: 12 to 20 July 2021
3rd session: 30 August to 7 September 2021
Follow-up session: 6 and 7 December 2021
In Warsaw, Poland (or online, if necessary)
Registration/Application deadline
31 March 2021
Further information and application from 1 March 2021 > focal.ch/ekran
The selected teams will be granted scholarships, including accommodation. Travel costs are not included.
Agnieszka Marczewska, Wajda Studio & School

EKRAN+ is a project based training programme and a visual laboratory focusing on shooting practice and creativity in the pre-production process. EKRAN+ allows participants to explore, identify and refine the tone and the
visual language of their film.

EKRAN+ includes:
• Treatment and/or script development
• Preparation for shooting; visualisation, casting and storyboard
• Shooting
• Editing

After each step, participants receive valuable feedback and advice from the experts.

EKRAN+ supports the shooting with the expertise of casting directors, set designers and production managers. The creative team (director, screenwriter, DOP and producer) are offered a choice of locations, sets and experienced English-speakingactors. At the endof the EKRAN+ programme, each team will have a well developed treatment or a first draft of a script and two scenes, presenting the tone, genre and visual language of the project.

EKRAN+ is based in Poland and is proposed by the Wajda Studio & School, together with FOCAL and other European partners. Thanks to the support of FOCAL, one Swiss team can participate.


Wojciech Marczewski, Paweł Pawlikowski Poland
Ildiko Enyedi Hungary
Antoine Jaccoud Switzerland
Udayan Prasad, Marilyn Milgrom, Margaret Glover England
Denijal Hasanovic Bosnia
Roshanak Behesht Nedjad, Christoph Hochhäusler, Volker Schloendorff Germany

proposed by

  • Wajda Studio
  • Wajda School
  • Polish Film Institute
  • Österreichisches Filminstitut
  • Croatian Audiovisual Centre
  • Lithuanian Film Centre

supported by

  • Creative Europe