The International Producers Pooling Programme (IPPP)

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"This is a remarkable initiative, which seems to address a real training need throughout Europe", Roberto Olla, Executive Director of Eurimages

The Swiss Producers Pooling Programme is going international – to be replaced by IPPP.

The Guiding Ideas

  • ‹Strength lies in union›: IPPP supports producers interested in sharing experience with co-opted peers, other professionals and consultants in a self-chosen, trust-based setting.
  • ‹Do it yourself›: IPPP offers producers the opportunity to define their own project-based concept for training and development, based on their own interests and aims.
  • ‹Go abroad›: IPPP is designed for internationally-minded producers with international and more widely marketable projects.

Producers Invited
IPPP is for experienced and active producers, mainly from Europe but also beyond, particularly members of the ACE Producers Network and alumni of programmes such as EAVE, Eurodoc and Maia Workshops. They must have an independent registered company and a significant production  track-record, either in full-length fiction, documentary, animation film or in TV series, games or VR. Junior producers at established companies may participate with their seniors.

How it Works
Three to five producers from different countries form a Pool for a period of twelve months in order to collaborate in exploring particular topics they have defined together. The topics will match the audio-visual projects in development that they bring to the collaborative process. Projects may be in any cinematic genre as well as TV series, games and VR. Topics may be questions relating to particular genres, co-producing, financing, packaging, positioning and marketing the projects, or the producers’ management and communication skills. The collaborative learning also involves other professionals working on the projects, and external consultants chosen by the producers. The Pools’ budget is financed by IPPP’s partners and administered by FOCALresource: it totals up to € 60 000 for a pool of three production companies, € 80 000 for four, and € 100 000 for five companies.

Professional benefits for participants

  • IPPP places producers at the centre of a collaborative learning process that promotes management, communication and marketing skills, and positioning their projects within a fast-evolving landscape of digital technologies and platforms.
  • Participants will benefit from the unique experience of delving deeply into areas of development (project development and associated skills, creative and business development) that they have identified as of particular importance to the growth of their companies and thus to enhancing the European audio-visual landscape.
  • IPPP will enable them to work collaboratively, on a self-motivating basis and to avail themselves of consultants’ expertise tailored to their own precise needs.
  • The opportunity to spend a year reflecting on their own needs and problems, developing a training programme for themselves and carrying it out in a group builds the individual producers’ self-awareness in their work and professional roles, and creates relationships of trust among professionals across borders.

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  • ACE Producers
  • EAVE

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  • Österreichisches Filminstitut
  • Estonian Film Institute
  • Finnish FIlm Foundation
  • FFA - German Fededar Film Board
  • Icelandic Film Centre
  • Netherlands Film Fund
  • Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts
  • Slovak Film Insitute
  • Slovenian Film Centre
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